Your own customized mobile cloud gaming

Give your users access to the largest mobile games catalog in a single touch

Delivering the best mobile gaming experience

Real AAA mobile games

The same top-notch, demanding, heavy games as in the app stores

iOS & Android

Runs on any smartphone, no matter how old

Zero storage used

Not a single app to download. Play any game in seconds

No gamepad needed

No weird overlay, either – only the game’s native touch controls

High-quality for everyone

Ultra-low latency, 60fps from as low as 1.25Mbps, everywhere

Largest games catalog

1,200+ mobile games from top publishers, ready to be deployed

White-label turnkey solution

High-quality content

AAA mobile games, with new games added each month


Optimized hosting included with industrial-grade SLAs. Ultra low mobile bandwidth need

Easy deployment

Play-ready in less than 2 weeks, anywhere in the world


Detailed KPIs, usage, and performance statistics

Data privacy

Full GDPR compliance


24/7 supervision and Level 3 support

What makes our solution unique

Our best-in-class features include:

User flow case study

User subscriber journey from playing for the first time to subscribing.

1. Click

User receives a link and clicks on it

2. Play

User jumps straight into the game and tries it out

3. Subscribe

User loved the experience and subscribes

4. Play more

User enjoys the full catalog and gaming experience

1,200+ games

The largest cloud gaming catalog, built especially for your users

Ready to get into mobile cloud gaming?