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Some Action, RPG, Racing and Strategy games you can play through CareGame's cloud gaming solution.

Our expertise

Accessible, innovative, and unique, CareGame is the cloud gaming technology for all mobile gamers on this planet.

Everywhere: already accessible from 54 countries across 5 continents, bringing AAA mobile games in 60fps to all your customers from as low as a 1.25Mbps connection.

Every smartphone, both Android and iOS, even 8 years old ones.

Every budget. Not only the richest should be part of the game.
Gaming is a matter of fair-play, and all mobile gamers on this planet should have the right to play. Now with CareGame, they can.

CareGame enables mobile operators to capitalize on their audiences and attract new customers with a customized turnkey white label solution featuring high-quality content, and empowers mobile game studios and publishers by increasing their reach effortlessly.

Get the most out of mobile gaming

Real AAA mobile games

iOS & Android

Zero storage used

No gamepad needed

High-quality for everyone

Largest games catalog

Global presence

As of 2022, our solution is available in 54 countries worldwide and we are expanding into new countries.

Map of CareGame's availability worldwide in 52 countries.

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