It all starts in 2016, with an initial ambition at the heart of the team's DNA: "How to transform mobile gaming into a lever of solidarity". More specifically: how can resources dedicated to entertainment also support causes that are dear to us (and becoming increasingly critical): preservation of the environment, fight against inequalities, etc.? How can these environmental and solidarity vocations be integrated into the power of gaming, and in particular mobile gaming?

After two years of work and the launch of a mobile game, the Schmilblick, the team grew to give itself the means to achieve a much greater ambition than that of a charity game. Rather than a game, a service that can provide a multitude of already existing games, but also the best games of tomorrow - so that we could impact millions of players more easily.

This is how CareGame was born at the beginning of 2018, and with it not only a healthier, fairer and more ecological distribution solution for mobile gaming, but also a cutting-edge technology that can revolutionize the way mobile gaming is accessed.

Today, we are launching the first 100% mobile, simple, accessible and universal cloud gaming solution. No more downloads, no more storage problems, no more incompatibility (sorry for the planned obsolescence!): it all happens in your browser. This is what we call one-click mobile gaming. Our solution allows all mobile gamers to access - in one click and without subscription - any of our partners' mobile games (the most sophisticated, the newest or even the heaviest) from any smartphone connected to the internet.


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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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