• Play for good

    What if gaming was made useful for our society ?
    Join the future of gaming thanks to the blockchain revolution

  • Our vision

    We believe that "entertaining" and "useful" are not as opposite as they are presented

    We just want to have fun

    Entertainment society...

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    Fun has become essential. Every part of your life is increasingly looking like a game now. From infotainment TV shows, to your GPS, and until your dating app, gamification is spreading like never before. And the video game market is soaring with a double digit CAGR every year.

    Why ? Because having fun is extremely powerful.

    Meaning & Solidarity for tomorrow

    Craving for a better place...

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    Leverage fun to have a positive social impact, that's what we love. We imagined a new model of gaming, that feeds a new model of solidarity. NGOs and charities are struggling to get funds and attention - we should rather integrate them in our habits!


    Playing to a CareGame is a new way to donate to charities

    Blockchain, a tool for transparency

    New technologies improving the world


    Trust is the #1challenge for donations among NGOs. The blockchain-based token we're building will help answer this issue.

    With the PlayForGood token, you'll be able to purchase your favorite video games out there, support the charity of your choice, and keep updated with the way the money was spent!

  • People behind

    Our multigenerational team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Our team works from our parisian office.



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