CareGame takes part in the 1st gamescom asia!

October 7, 2021
CareGame, creator of the cloud technology for all mobile gamers on this planet, is taking part in the first edition of gamescom asia. This hybrid event will be held from October 14 – 17 2021, in Singapore and online.

An unmissable event for South-East Asian game developers, gamescom asia is the new key rendezvous for international game publishers and large companies looking for the next innovations in the videogaming world. This 2021 hybrid experience (both on-site and online) will be an opportunity to exchange views on one of this year’s key trends - cloud gaming - and to meet the industry benchmark for mobile cloud gaming, CareGame.

In an exclusive conference entitled “What We Need to Know About the Cloud Gaming Future”, that will be held online on October 14, CareGame and other key market players will reflect on this booming sector.
Benjamin Athuil, President and Co-founder of CareGame, will present the unique and fair CareGame’s solution created for all mobile gamers on this planet, and will answer online participants’ questions in real-time. He will be accompanied by Jeremy Hinton, Director of Gaming Asia at Microsoft Xbox Asia, Subhashis Sen, Cloud Solutions Director, Media and Communications at Oracle, and Vikas Chanani, Director of Mobile Products and New Businesses at StarHub.

The panel will be hosted by Guilherme Fernandes, Market consultant at Newzoo.

Over the entire gamescom asia 2021 event, CareGame will also welcome industry professionals – mobile game publishers, mobile operators, and service providers – to its virtual booth to talk about the opportunities offered by CareGame’s cloud technology solution for mobile gaming. This booth, dedicated to B2B on the official gamescom asia platform, will be open throughout the event from October 14-17, 2021.

“We’re delighted to be a part of this first edition of gamescom asia. As creator of the cloud technology making mobile gaming accessible to all on this planet, we enable game publishers to run their mobile games - including their most demanding AAAs - on any smartphone at no extra effort or development. Thanks to our partner publishers, we already have more than 1,000 cloud mobile games available which means we can support mobile operators the world-over in building the best offer for their users. And we do not plan on stopping there!” declares Benjamin Athuil.

With several strategic partnerships having been signed in recent months and more to come, CareGame offers a unique solution to mobile operators worldwide allowing them to provide their users with the best mobile cloud gaming experience, irrespective of their mobile phones. With its exclusive technology and the diversity of its high-quality games catalog, CareGame is already available in 44 countries across five different continents: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia.

Attend the panel and visit CareGame's booth at gamescom asia 2021:
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CareGame: cloud technology for all mobile gamers on this planet. Accessible to every smartphone, both Android and iOS, even eight-year-old ones. Accessible from everywhere: available in 44 countries and on five different continents so far, and not just the richest ones. Accessible to every mobile gamer, whatever their budget. Gaming is a matter of fair-play, and everyone on this planet should have the right to play. Now, with CareGame, they can.
Mobile operators and service providers, offer your own mobile cloud gaming service to your users and make AAA mobile games accessible to everyone.

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