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October 7, 2021

CareGame takes part in the 1st gamescom asia this October 2021

CareGame's President and co-founder will present the unique and fair CareGame's solution at the exclusive conference “What We Need to Know About the Cloud Gaming Future”, that will be held online on October 14

IDC report Global Cloud Gaming key players infography
September 21, 2021

CareGame featured as one the Cloud Gaming market key players in the latest IDC report

The latest IDC report, examining the cloud-streamed gaming market from 2019 to 2025, features CareGame as one of the key players of the industry.

CareGame 1,000 cloud mobile games
September 7, 2021

CareGame announces the world’s largest mobile cloud gaming catalog

With more than 1,000 mobile games already available, CareGame's catalog is the market’s biggest catalog of no-download-necessary mobile games

NewZoo's Global Cloud Gaming Report 2021
August 26, 2021

CareGame featured as one of the key players in the Cloud Gaming market

Newzoo, leading global provider of games analytics, features once again CareGame as one of the key players in its 2021 Global Cloud Gaming report

StarNews Mobile cloud gaming service
July 20, 2021

StarNews Mobile launches new gaming channel thanks to CareGame

Over 800 top-notch mobile games are now available to 45 million StarNews Mobile subscribers in Africa thanks to CareGame's mobile cloud gaming solution

Digital Virgo mobile cloud gaming for its operator partners
July 13, 2021

Digital Virgo offers CareGame's solution to its 150 mobile operator partners worldwide

This global agreement will provide operators with an unparalleled mobile gaming experience, included in a tailored and optimized service offering thanks to Digital Virgo's expertise

Perpetuum Media games logo
July 7, 2021

CareGame signs a partnership with top publisher Perpetuum media

CareGame adds a large portfolio of high-quality mobile games to its solution and becomes one of the largest cloud gaming catalog worldwide

Man walking with a smartphone
January 1, 2021

Will 5G be a game-changer for Cloud Gaming?

We speak to popular newspaper Le Parisien about 5G and how it will impact cloud gaming

Digital Virgo
December 11, 2020

CareGame and Digital Virgo sign a strategic partnership

Thanks to CareGame's technology, Digital Virgo can offer a turnkey mobile cloud gaming solution to all their operator partners worldwide

November 18, 2020

Nokia partners with CareGame as they kick off trials on their new 5G network

This strategic partnership aims to demonstrate the lower latency delivered using 5G in cloud gaming

October 21, 2020

Pitch Pong podcast puts the spotlight on CareGame

Yacine Sqalli invites CareGame's President to talk about the cloud gaming revolution

Tekup Channel
October 15, 2020

CareGame's President invited on Tekup Channel

CareGame's President, Benjamin Athuil, appears on Tekup Channel to discuss the company's cutting-edge technology

NewZoo chart on cloud gaming players
September 3, 2020

Newzoo features CareGame in its new Cloud Gaming report

The leading global provider of games analytics features CareGame as a top cloud gaming solution in its 2020 Cloud Gaming report

Smartphone showing Unbisoft's game Hungry Shark Evolution
December 12, 2019

Cloud gaming to the rescue of old smartphones

Is CareGame's cloud gaming the solution to counteract the programmed obsolescence of our old cellphones?

Forbes logo
November 25, 2019

CareGame featured in Forbes' The Year of Streaming

Video games have become the world’s most important form of entertainment. The big news this fall: it's moving to streaming

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