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What is CareGame?

CareGame is a cloud mobile gaming solution offering the ability to players to enjoy any mobile game in one click in their mobile browser, without any download. The only thing you need is an internet connection and our streaming technology will allow you to play to the most demanding mobile games whatever your memory or phone specs are.

Where is CareGame available?

We are running a closed beta, available in France (in French) and in a few more European countries (in English), in order to soft launch the service easily. But no worries! We will soon be available in more countries, and more languages! If you want to join the beta, simply subscribe to our newsletter from the Home page!

On what devices can I play with CareGame?

With CareGame, you can play in one click in your browser. It means that, unlike other platforms, there is no device restriction, either OS or model. Everybody can play with us!

What connection is needed to play?

To enjoy the best possible experience, a WIFI connection with more than 5Mbps and an average latency below 25ms is great. You can run a speedtest here. (But a good 4G connection could be enough too!)

Can I play offline?

As you access the games Catalogue right from your browser and without any download, you won’t be able to play with us if you don’t have the right connection (WIFI or 4G). Sorry about that :’(

Can I share CareGame with my friends?

If you are part of our beta-testers, you have been granted with an exclusive access to the closed beta. However, if some of your friends want to join us, they are absolutely welcome! Everyone can join us from here, on the Home page. 😊

Is this service legal?

Yes! CareGame is working along with publishers to offer you the best games just one click away. When you make a purchase on CareGame (not possible yet in the closed beta), your money goes directly to the publisher, and CareGame takes a small percentage out of it (but less than the major download stores).

How can I change the service language?

For now, only French and English are available. You have nothing to do, the language used on CareGame is the same than the one your browser uses. How convenient is that?

What will happen when the beta ends?

We plan to launch the service by the end of 2020, around November. No worries for our testers, you may have to add some information to your account, but you will keep your Games and saves. As a beta tester, you benefit from a full access to the service freely. And it will remain free! However, you have an unlimited access to the catalogue, and to some titles potentially premium in other stores. At launch, the ability to purchase apps or in-apps will be added to CareGame. If you loved some of the games during the beta and decide to pay for their full version, you will be able to resume exactly where you left it, magic! If you don’t want to, you will still be able to test all the other ones to find your true love.🙂 If you are not a beta tester, you will be able to join us in this great journey, simply by going on our service!


Games don't start properly, why?

If you have troubles starting a game, our servers may be overwhelmed, or your internet connection may not be enough to run games. Please try again a bit later and you should be fine.

Can I save my progress?

Yes, the saves are automatic and linked to your account. Make sure that you are logged in with the right account, and you are good to go.

Can I play in full screen?

If you are on Android, playing in full screen is easy peasy: open the CareGame menu while you are in-game, and click on the Screen icon! If you are on iPhone, you will have to create a shortcut on your Home screen in order to play with us in full screen. If you missed the popups explaining how to do so, it’s okay! Open the FAQ while using the service and follow the steps!

When will new games be available?

Soon! (In fact, some new games are maybe being added just as you read this) New games will come gradually, and if you want to send us some games or publishers suggestions, feel free to do so!

What is the age rating used?

In order to offer the best experience to all our audiences, children and adults, we are using the PEGI age labels on our games’ pages. A logo in the upper-right corner of the game page will give you information on what to expect from the app content. PEGI 3: Suitable for all age groups. PEGI 7: Can contain scenes or sounds that can possibly frighten younger children. Mild forms of violence (implied, non-detailed, or non-realistic violence) are acceptable. PEGI 12: Can contain violence of a slightly more graphic nature towards fantasy characters or non-realistic violence towards human-like characters. Sexual innuendo, sexual posturing, and gambling as it is normally carried out in real life can be present, bad language must be mild. PEGI 16: Depiction of violence (or sexual activity) reaches a stage that looks the same as would be expected in real life. Bad language can be more extreme, while games of chance, use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs can be present. PEGI 18: Depiction of gross violence, motiveless killing or violence towards defenseless characters. The glamorization of the use of illegal drugs and explicit sexual activity should also fall into this age category. Learn more info about it on

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