Cookies and Coffee


The first time you use the website, you are warned by a banner that information related to your browsing activity may be recorded in alphanumeric files called "cookies". Our cookie policy enables you to better understand the measures we are implementing in terms of browsing on our site, informs you about the cookies present on it, their purpose, and gives you the procedure to follow to manag them, if necessary.

General information about cookies on this website

A cookie is a file sent by a website to your web browser and stored on your device (computer, tablet or smartphone...).
The cookies we use can not in any way identify you personally, but they record information based on the use you make of our website in order to personalize the services offered.
When you visit our website, a message informs you of the use of cookies. It also informs you that by continuing your navigation on our site, you accept these cookies. Depending on the type of cookie, your consent to send or read cookies on your terminal may be necessary.

Necessary cookies

In accordance with the recommendations of the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), some cookies are exempted from the prior collection of your consent insofar as they are strictly necessary for the operation of the service.

Other cookies

This requirement applies to cookies issued by third parties, which are referred to as "persistent" in that they remain in your terminal until they are deleted or expire.

Because such cookies are issued by third parties, their use and storage are subject to their own privacy policies. This family of cookies includes audience measurement cookies, advertising cookies, as well as social network sharing cookies (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

Audience measurement cookies establish statistics concerning the frequentation and use of various elements of the site (contents / pages you have visited). This data helps to improve the ergonomics of the service. On this website, an audience measurement tool (Google Analytics) is used; its privacy policy is available here:

CareGame may use advertising cookies and third party services to track your use of this website in order to optimize your user experience and to present advertisements and/or information tailored to your interests in other contexts, for example on other sites or applications. These third parties (such as advertiser networks and external service providers, such as web traffic analysis services) may also use cookies that we do not control.

Cookie setting tools

Most Internet browsers are configured by default to allow the storage of cookies. Your browser offers you the opportunity to change these standard settings to adjust which cookies you want to accept, reject, or decline systematically. Your browser also allows you to delete existing cookies from your device.

WARNING: We draw your attention to the fact that refusing to accept cookies on your terminal could possibly alter your user experience as well as your access to some of our services or functionalities on this website.


Each Internet browser offers its own cookie management tools. Click on the links below to find out more:

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For more information about cookie control tools, you can consult the CNIL website (in french):

If you have any questions or require further information about this cookie policy, please contact us.