To gradually replace the heavy and uneconomical centralized servers that are the most widely used on the market, we are using technological innovation in the service of a large decentralized infrastructure. We are mobilizing a community of hosting providers (maybe you?) who make available the unused power of their computers to act like thousands of servers around the world, and as close as possible to the players.

Apart from the technical prowess, CareGame thus aims to gain resilience, betting on numbers, on you, on our collective ability to offer an alternative. The challenge, in the end, is to build the most responsible mobile cloud gaming, sharing the value as equitably as possible and including causes of general interest.


Each member of this community will receive a monthly financial contribution, which they can choose to donate, in whole or in part, to a charity of their choice among our partners. In particular, we believe that it is everyone's duty to act, as far as possible, on issues that are becoming increasingly critical, such as social justice, environmental protection or access to education. Let's work together for a better world.


Our Hosting software is currently under development. You'll learn more about it soon, including the use of data or how the software could affect your computer's performance.